The Million Roses

MuteSix worked with the Eternity Rose floral company to help generate influencer content and effectively increase sales.

The Goal

The Million Roses tasked MuteSix with generating influencer content and effectively increasing sales.

The Strategy

The Million Roses partnered with MuteSix for managed Influencer and Facebook services which included sourcing influencers, tracking mentions and discount codes, and leveraging Influencer content in Facebook ads. MuteSix leveraged GRIN’s influencer platform to identify ideal influencers for The Million Roses based on location, follower count, engagement rate, and interest. By using email sequences and templates through the GRIN platform, The Million Roses company was able to collaborate with 200 influencers who generated over 450 pieces of content. As a result, MuteSix was able to create over 10 high-performing video ads exclusively from influencer content.

200 Influencers 450+ Pieces of content 2.25x Purchases increase

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