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MuteSix worked with Fantasy Score, a fantasy sports game and daily fantasy sports company, to help them drive down their cost-per-depositor and improve user retention.

The Goal

Fantasy Score needed to show significant annual growth in a very crowded and competitive space. They also needed to drive down their cost-per-depositor, and improve user retention.

The Strategy

We first optimized their existing Google Adwords campaign, and launched Facebook and Instagram ads, as well as Twitter paid acquisition campaigns. We created new landing pages and heavily a/b tested the pages to increase registration rates, and drive down the cost per-registration. We tracked through Universal Analytics to accurately attribute conversions back to their appropriate traffic source, and scaled traffic sources that had the highest ROI.

3x YoY despositor increase 5x YoY registration increase 2,500+ New depositors 25% Cost-per-depositor decrease 45% Cost-per-registration decrease

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