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MuteSix, in partnership with ReCharge, worked with the the volcanic water brand to scale and drive subscriptions with Google, Facebook and Email marketing.


Waiakea is the premier sustainable Hawaiian volcanic water brand on a mission to contribute to and promote clean water access, conservation, and education for those in need in Hawaii and throughout the world.

The Goal

Waiakea came to MuteSix with ambitious goals to scale their DTC e-commerce business, to increase brand awareness with trackable sales increases, and to create recurring revenue by converting one-time purchasers into lifetime subscribers with the use of ReCharge, the leading subscriptions payments platform.


The Strategy

To grow Waiakea’s business and increase lifetime value in a hyper saturated vertical, we focused on educating consumers about the differences between Waiakea and other water brands. Data shows that customers are more likely to purchase and subscribe if they’re first educated on the benefits of the product.

Prospective customers in the food and beverage vertical rarely subscribe to products without first testing them out, so we started off our campaigns by focusing on simply getting the first bottle of Waiakea into customers’ hands. We utilized Google, Facebook, and Email to promote Waiakea’s educational content and varied our communication on each platform, knowing that customers who regularly see the same campaign messaging end up tuning it out.

On Google, we leveraged YouTube to drive awareness and tangible in-store purchases. Because Waiakea was looking to increase brand awareness in specific areas, we utilized the power of Google extensions to increase store sales in those locations. By rebuilding Waiakea’s Shopping campaigns from the ground up with vibrant imagery and optimized fields, we were able to increase Waiakea’s Google Shopping and decrease CPAs. We also built out a new landing page designed for acquisition audiences that subtly promoted the benefits of subscribing without aggressively pushing subscription, which, with other non-branded efforts, allowed us to scale acquisition search while achieving multifold decreases in CPA.

On Facebook, we ran ads that highlighted the product along with Waiakea’s multiple value props. The creatives varied from comparison ads to ads showcasing Waiakea’s giveback and sustainability initiatives. We took a full funnel approach by breaking our messaging out by funnel and the actions someone took. Breaking out messaging by funnel ensured viewers were not overwhelmed with too much educational information in one ad. Through extensive customer research and testing, we were able to tailor our creatives and copy to specific personas and targets, which allowed us to limit inefficient spending and hone in on higher valued customers.

For our email strategy, we implemented dedicated email blasts to speak to the benefits and perks of becoming a subscriber. We also sent post-purchase emails to upsell the subscription program and implemented a winback series for retention to target customers who cancelled their subscription in order to encourage them to resubscribe.

178% overall revenue increase 172% new subscriptions increase 168% new customer acquisition increase 75% Conversions increase on Google Shopping YoY 30% CPA decrease on Google Shopping 3x Acquisition increase on Google Search YoY

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