Strategies to Bolster EOY Sales and Considerations for 2023 Planning

This holiday season has been a huge success for brands. Take a look at these numbers for a YoY comparison. Looking for vertical specific data? Please refer to the bottom of this blog!

To help our clients finish the year strong and to set up 2023 for further success, the Growth Strategy department here at MuteSix would like to gift the following thought-starters for your consideration:

Strengthen Loyalty:

Test Out of Diminishing Returns:

Focus on net new customers, not immediate net sales:

New Year, Better/Refreshed Me:

Measuring Success in 2023:

It’s been a pleasure partnering with you in 2022 and we’re excited to help you strive for even more success in 2023. Growth Strategy has been behind-the-scenes with your teams future-proofing your media investment strategies. If you’d like to learn about additional capabilities, please contact us.