Ever since its launch in 2016, TikTok took the world by storm and became one of the two most downloaded social media apps of 2023. In 2024, TikTok is no longer an emerging platform—it is now THE platform to be on outside of Meta, with 1.7 billion monthly active users. If brands aren’t on TikTok already, they’re considered to be falling behind.

So how do you create and manage a winning strategy on this social media kingpin, where anyone can skyrocket and go viral overnight? There may not be one cookie-cutter formula, but we sat down with MuteSix’s media expert, Ilene Rothman, and other TikTok specialists, to help you understand the platform by answering your most asked questions. 

Why should brands consider advertising on TikTok?  

Here are 4 main reasons why: 

How do I best reach and connect with my target audience? Can you share any insights on how to optimize content for better visibility? 

Take a content-first approach to your targeting by allowing your creative to speak to and resonate with your key personas. Address their core needs, provide solutions to their problems, speak to their lifestyles, and deliver social proof. 

In addition, make sure you’re diversifying your content. Don’t test three similar videos—instead, test three different hooks to see what resonates with your key personas and continue to iterate from there.  

The best content will always be the one that’s the most engaging and relevant to the platform. TikTok considers a variety of factors when gauging distribution among its user base, but the most important are watch times and engagement. Engagement can be defined as clicks, likes, messages, shares, and conversions that you receive on/from your TikTok. This means that the most optimal content will entertain, engage, peak curiosity, educate, and have a CTA that’s aligned with your goal. 

How many creatives do I need to get started on the advertising platform? 

A great way to get started is by boosting videos that are already live on your organic TikTok profile. We recommend going live with 3-5 videos per ad group. 5 should be your goal, but anything within the range is ideal. If you plan to implement a large-scale effort with multiple ad groups and campaigns, then you will need additional creatives to support.

In addition, we recommend having a bank of videos that are ready to be rotated in once the ads fatigue, as this churn happens faster on TikTok. These videos do not need to be net new but should be native-looking and -feeling UGC. The amount of videos to keep in your back pocket also depends on your available budget.

A very general rule of serving is 1 ad per every 3x frequency. With their recent updates, TikTok can now tell you if your ad is fatiguing in “delivery optimization” at the ad level. In addition, advertisers can perform a key frame analysis using Video Insights to understand where users are clicking, dropping off, and more. Be sure to utilize this function when breaking down your ad performance.

How do I know if my TikTok campaigns are successful?  

Start by monitoring your primary KPIs. What core metrics are the most important? Are you hitting your minimum target ROAS, CPA, and/or CPL?

Then, take a look at KPIs that tell you about how engaging your content is. This will lead you to understand what’s working and what’s not—these secondary KPIs include your CTR (1%+), Thumbstop Rate (30%+), Average Watch Time, and CVR.

Keep in mind that creating engaging content that stops people from scrolling to the next piece of content is just the first step of the process! Ultimately, the goal should be to usher users to make a purchase on your website. If you’re seeing a big drop off from your site visitors to purchasers, we recommend considering a CRO (Conversation Rate Optimization) audit.

Are there other helpful tips that brands should know about being on TikTok? 

Don’t be afraid to go beyond your branding. TikTok is the place for brands to develop and showcase a unique personality. The brands that “win” are the ones who aren’t afraid to take risks and interact with prospects in a different light. A fear of not wishing to diversify even slightly from current brand guidelines can limit you from reaching new, meaningful audience segments. For more information, check out our webinar on successfully diversifying your strategy specifically for TikTok

How does an agency help elevate a brand’s TikTok strategy? What makes MuteSix different for brands who need TikTok management? 

For success on a platform, there must be synergy between growth strategy, media buying, measurement, and content to meet your overall business goals. 

An agency should not just understand the platform, media, measurement, and creative but should also understand your business goals. It’s not just about optimizing campaigns, but also increasing our AOV and LTV, all of which is catered to increasing your revenue and profits as you scale.

As the first-ever agency to partner with TikTok, MuteSix has been leading the pack since the start. We have the business relationship to learn about and leverage Beta offerings ahead of the competition. With our help, you can scale your brand, access new customer pools, and see massive improvements across all your TikTok marketing efforts.

Learn more about when the right time is to leverage an agency dedicated to managing your brand’s TikTok, or contact us today for a free marketing consultation!

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