Quickly Migrate to Better Integrate:

Switching From Bronto to Your Preferred Email Service Provider With MuteSix

Why Migrate

In March 2021 Oracle NetSuite, who acquired Bronto Software six years prior, declared “End of Life” status for the Bronto Marketing Platform. If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to make the switch to a new e-commerce automation platform. MuteSix partners with the leading ESP and can help you migrate from Bronto seamlessly and quickly.

Why Migrate Now?

While you have until May 31, 2022 to switch over, doing it sooner rather than later is a smart strategy, as it will:


  • Incrementally familiarize your list by migrating in phases
  • Give you adequate time to familiarize your brand with your new ESP
  • Better position you for success with a stable ESP and continued support ahead of major shopping holidays
  • Ensure your performance is optimized as resources get cut from Bronto over time

Why Use MuteSix to Migrate?

As the leading agency in performance marketing for DTC brands, MuteSix has been touting the benefits of industry-leading ESPs, including Klaviyo, over Bronto for awhile now. By teaming with MuteSix, your brand can enjoy the following benefits:



We’ll provide a free audit to assess what you have in Bronto and how it can be improved using another ESP


We’ll help transition you at no additional cost if you sign up with our email services


10K – 50K Email Subscribers: 2 Weeks

51K+ Email Subscribers: 2- 4 Weeks


We provide affordable Email Marketing  services starting from $5,000/month (flat fee)


Juiced Bikes: Helping transition the electric bike company off of Bronto, MuteSix migrated Juiced Bikes over to Klaviyo. The success was immediate with results as impressive as:


4,918% Email Revenue Lift in July 2020
$1M Monthly Email Channel Revenue
34% Email Attributed Revenue Average

Now you know the benefits and importance of using an experienced and leading digital marketing agency to migrate from Bronto to a new ESP. Reach out for a consultation and deeper dive into pricing.