Online Marketing Case Study: AlphaDraft

From launch to acquisition by FanDuel in less than a year

AlphaDraft is a daily fantasy game for eSports. It provides fantasy eSports contests for cash and prizes. The AlphaDraft team needed to jump-start its growth by generating thousands more registrations and depositors. It also needed to identify which traffic sources were ideal to drive that growth.


  • Open new campaigns in Facebook ads, Google Adwords, Twitter, Reddit, Youtube, and a number of smaller traffic sources, and identify which generates the most registrations and active depositors.
  • Test multiple user funnels to identify the best user experience that drives the best ROI. Testing Advertorials, Quizzes, Giveaways, and multiple long-form landing pages.


  • Drove thousands of new depositors and registrations at an industry-beating cost-per-depositor. And drove tens of thousands of registrations at or below the target cost-per-registration.
  • We identified which traffic sources generated the lowest cost-per-conversion, highest conversion volume, and best user quality.
  • Helped Alphadraft post positive growth numbers, leading to their acquisition by Fanduel in 2015.

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Cost-per-deposit reduced by

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“Working with AlphaDraft highlights what MuteSix is all about — customer service. We worked hand-in-hand with the team at AlphaDraft to ensure every campaign launched with unique creative supported by reliable data.”

Steve Weiss | CEO, MuteSix

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