Facebook Ads Case Study: Tradesy

Driving down CPA at scale

Tradesy is an online marketplace for pre-owned luxury goods, allowing individuals to sell the high-end pieces from their closet, such as clothing, bags, shoes and accessories. They have millions of customers worldwide, with iconic investors like Richard Branson and John Doerr. The Tradesy team was driving the majority of its customer base from organic traffic and paid influencers, and was looking for a way to scale sales and registrations through paid acquisition channels.


Tradesy previously ran an internal campaign with mediocre results, and now wanted to invest in a dedicated team of campaign managers to improve the channel’s ROI.
We immediately audited all past campaigns and dug deep into their Google Analytics and internal database reports, identifying the best-performing creatives, audiences, and demographics to date. Due to the sheer volume of products on their site, and the ever-changing inventory, we strategically targeted the products and niches that data had shown to be the best performers, as well as new products and audiences that we determined would perform well.


Through massive A/B testing of audiences, creatives, products, and incentives, we tested 100s of variations to identify the best performance.

We were able to drive down the cost-per-conversion by over 25% and the cost-per-registration by more than 40%. The campaign-wide ROI averaged out to 8.7, a significant improvement on previous results. In addition, we were able to clearly identify the best-performing products and genres, providing Tradesy with a wealth of actionable user data.

Tradesy - Louis Vuitton

ROI generated


Target CPA reduced by


Cost-per-reg.reduced by

Tradesy - Michael Kors Bag
Tradesy - Tiffany
Tradesy - Bags

“Tradesy has an incredible team and an enviable business model. We left no stone unturned to identify the highest-ROI products and creatives in their extensive lineup, and we truly enjoyed working closely with their marketing team to scale their paid sales operations.”

Steve Weiss | CEO, MuteSix

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