Fashion First Aid

MuteSix worked with the fashion and lifestyle accessory brand to boost seasonal sales during a non-traditional shopping holiday with Amazon sponsored ads.


Fashion First Aid, the “wacky and useful” accessory line of kits that solve everyday fashion and lifestyle frustrations, came to MuteSix to increase sales and brand awareness with Amazon Sponsored Ads during one of the year’s most on-brand yet non-traditional shopping holidays, April Fools’ Day.

The Goal

MuteSix wanted to ensure Fashion First Aid’s catalog had visibility for the upcoming April Fools’ Day to not only increase sales during that time, but to capitalize on overall brand awareness to supplement incremental top-line growth.

The Strategy

MuteSix, first and foremost, wanted to ensure Fashion First Aid’s branded terms were covered, while also expanding into category terms. We accomplished this while not impacting our ad sales ROAS.

As part of our strategy, we identified the top-trending “prank” keywords and created segmented campaigns around such terms.

Additionally, we wanted to focus on New-to-Brand customers, rather than on spending ad dollars for products that were already ranking well organically, as those were more likely to convert to sale without needing to allocate ad dollars.

Overall, one of the main goals during this time was to make certain we were gaining relevant impressions that would increase sales, while also capitalizing on this surge of search volume to increase brand awareness in new categories.

And, the strategy worked. Not only did Fashion First Aid witness a staggering 95% jump in total sales, but they experienced an 86% increase in ad sales ROAS during a “holiday” that typically doesn’t garner such significant shopping behavior. 

95% Increase in Total Sales 86% Increase in Ad Sales ROAS 57% Additional Increase in Ad Sales (With Maintained Spend)

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