High Rise Financial

MuteSix worked with the legal funding provider to increase highly qualified leads with Google advertising.


High Rise Financial is a legal funding provider serving personal injury victims and their attorneys throughout the United States. High Rise Financial’s pre-settlement funding ensures a defendant’s insurers won’t be able to take advantage of clients by pressuring them into settling for less.

The Goal

High Rise Financial came to MuteSix looking to drive highly qualified leads to their CRM. Their main goal was to promote their services to clients who are awaiting a trial for accident or injury cases. 

The Strategy

In order to drive highly qualified leads for High Rise Financial, MuteSix targeted keywords with a clear and focused strategy. To do this, we polished the client’s targeting upon onboarding, swapping out lower-performing keywords with those we found to be more successful in our own keyword research. We then broke them out into individual campaigns for increased control on budget and higher visibility into which strategies were and were not working.

MuteSix also created campaigns with different focus areas that we could then duplicate in our various markets, managing budgets in different areas, based on ROI. We then took these campaigns and translated them into Spanish to ensure total coverage in top markets.

When onboarding, the client stated that the largest hurdle faced in the past was communication, as well as the inability to hit their target ROAS of 6.0x. In terms of communication, High Rise Financial turned to MuteSix to facilitate conversations at preferred intervals and to address urgent matters, which they were unable to accomplish with their previous agency.

Overall, our approach was to take from previous targeting that had been successful in driving leads, and add in our own best practices for keyword targeting. Once we had a solid set of campaigns created to cover our individual keyword themes, this set was used as a template for their top markets. Simultaneously, we integrated with the client’s internal lead-gen manager to expedite our ramp-up and ensure that we were only driving high-quality leads.

As a result of our quick-to-pivot strategies listed above, High Rise Financial immediately saw an uptick in unique leads within the first month, as well as ROAS surpassing the firm’s expectations.

21.5% Increase in Unique Leads in Month One with MuteSix 48.6% Increase in Call Duration (+1 Minute, 32 Seconds) 6.8x ROAS (Compared to 3-4x ROAS Prior to Working with MuteSix)

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