MuteSix worked with the adult-friendly brand of deliverable "booze-filled gifts," to increase followers and capture impressions on TikTok with Influencer Marketing.


NIPYATA!, the adult-friendly brand of deliverable “booze-filled gifts,” including drinkable greeting cards and liquor-based piñatas, wanted to generate fun, on-brand content, as well as boost impressions on TikTok.

The Goal

In order to generate brand-friendly content among a young-adult audience and exponentially increase impressions on TikTok, NIPYATA! turned to MuteSix to create a wide variety of viral influencer User Generated Content (UGC).

The Strategy

NIPYATA! came to MuteSix to expand their brand awareness and to create influencer UGC on TikTok, although the adult-friendly, fun-filled brand already had an internal team in place for Instagram.

In just three short months, we were able to provide 60 influencer TikTok videos that generated over 3M impressions, with four of those influencer-starring TikTok videos going viral and reaching 100K+ views each. To put their lightning-speed success into perspective, NIPYATA!’s TikTok following started at around 100 followers and skyrocketed to 1,385 within three months.

Since the onset of our partnership, we had no budget allocated for influencer marketing. With this in mind, we started researching and curating content creators on TikTok, who were all featured in alcohol-centric content. Such influencers included mixologists, bartenders, alcohol reviewers, etc, with followers ranging from 8K – 878K.

MuteSix also threw some “foodies” into the mix, and together with the alcoholic beverage influencers, their content took off in terms of conversions and impressions.

We then incorporated seasonality within our campaigns, so for May / June, we focused on our PRIDE campaign, which performed very well in terms of UGC thanks to the great amount of effort and enthusiasm these influencers brought to the table in order to showcase NIPYATA! in a fun, innovative way.

With no influencer budget allocated and in the short timeframe, we were still able to achieve great success for the brand.

4 Viral Video Ads Created (With 100K+ Impressions Each) 3M+ Impressions on TikTok 1,285% Increase in Followers on TikTok 1.2M+ Uses of #NipyataPartner Hashtag