Boosting New Customer Acquisition and ROAS with Facebook and Instagram by Leveraging TryNow


Universal Standard is a size-inclusive apparel company that believes style should be the only filter, not restricting sizes. The brand provides wardrobe staples shoppers of all sizes love, engineered with high-quality fabrics made to last. Universal Standard has a loyal shopper base, but wanted to make their brand more accessible to first-time shoppers, so they partnered with TryNow to allow customers to try-before-they-buy, and MuteSix to showcase the experience, with the hopes of increasing Average Order Value (AOV).

The Goal

Universal Standard came to MuteSix and TryNow with the goal of increasing customer acquisition, ROAS, and AOV on Facebook and Instagram. Both MuteSix and Universal Standard partnered with TryNow to allow customers to “test drive” high-price-point items before committing to a purchase. 

The Strategy

One challenge Universal Standard faces is convincing reluctant first-time shoppers to try higher-price apparel online, so MuteSix encourages consumers to leverage TryNow to assuage their doubts. 

When shoppers checkout with TryNow, they can try multiple items at home risk-free before making a purchase. Because shoppers order more—and keep more—AOV increases. We utilize TryNow creative in our remarketing (RMK) efforts for new and repeat customers, incentivizing customers to engage with the brand using this low-risk option.

We focus our acquisition strategy on introducing customers to the brand, showcasing items and collections, and communicating its main value propositions and unique selling points. With RMK, we are approaching customers who have interacted with the brand but have yet to make a purchase. To convert these shoppers, we need to address their hesitancy to checkout. 

For Universal Standard, our ads aim to address the shoppers’ main pain points: hard-to-predict fit and price. TryNow is a wonderful solution for addressing both of these concerns because customers can see the quality and fit for themselves in person, so they can be confident the apparel is worth the price. To tie the ads together, MuteSix leverages top-performing creative formats, including grids and images from previous evergreen creative, as well as “risk-free” TryNow messaging for ad copy.

Overall, the TryNow partnership has been very successful in dynamic RMK campaigns, leading us to the following impressive results for Universal Standard on Facebook and Instagram.

61% Increase in Net AOV After Returns 3.31 x ROAS 1.66% CTR vs. 0.66% Average CTR 49% New Shoppers Selected the TryNow Option