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Dynamic Ads Creative Testing (Beta)

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If you regularly advertise on Facebook, you’ll often miss news stories about ads and formats Facebook test behind closed doors… unless you follow our blog or are on our email list of course ;).

One of the latest features Facebook is testing is called Dynamic Ads Creative.

Facebook has learned that its users prefer specific ad formats over others and are significantly more likely to convert if shown one ad format over the other.

In this article I’ll talk about Facebook’s Dynamic Ads Creative Testing (beta) and what it may mean for you later in the year.

What is Dynamic Ads Creative Testing?

Facebook, with its masses of data, has learned that different users interact with different ad formats in different ways.

If you’ve ever asked yourself what works better – Dynamic Carousel Ads or Dynamic Collection Ads – the answer is both, and it depends on the user.

Dynamic Ads Creative Testing is a new feature which will allow you to show users a Dynamic Carousel or Dynamic Collection ad. Based on a user’s past behavioral patterns with each ad unit, it will serve them the one they are most likely to engage with.

It kind of makes sense that Facebook users are attracted to different types of posts.

For example, time-poor people won’t consume a two-minute video ad but may engage with a page post or link click ad as they can consume the text and creatives in just a few seconds.

Being able to run several different ad types and letting Facebook show the best converting format based on user behavior should up your relevance score and click-through rate while lowering ad spend.

If successful, this feature will help you take some of the guesswork out of which ad formats to use and reinvest that time into other areas of your Facebook strategy.

Facebook is planning to start testing this in April and is currently looking for brands to work with.

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