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Facebook Updates Dynamic Ads – It’s A Game Changer!

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Facebook has come out the gates flying in 2017 with an 8% increase in share price in the first two weeks of the year, and some HUGE updates to Facebook dynamic ads, allowing you to target by interests and behaviors.

We’ve used dynamic ads to generate millions of dollars for our Facebook ads services customers, so we’ve been eagerly awaiting any update. In this article, I’m going to reveal the extent of the changes made and how you can leverage them from your business in 2017.

Latest changes to dynamic ads

Up until now, you could only run dynamic ads to website visitors who previously visited your website or mobile app. In simpler words, you could only use them for retargeting purposes.

Pretty soon you’ll be able to target the following user segments with dynamic ads:

  • Demographics
  • User behaviors
  • Website activity (not limited to your own website)

For example, if you’re selling laptops and a Facebook user has visited several websites that are selling laptops and computers, Facebook may assume (and assume correctly) that this user is thinking about buying a laptop. Even though they didn’t visit your website, Facebook may serve your product ad to them if their signals suggest it.

You cannot choose to target users who have visited other people’s websites directly, however; it’s all done through hundreds of Facebook algorithm signals.

How to benefit from the update

Smaller e-commerce brands are the biggest winners from this update. Before now, unless you were driving thousands of visitors to your website each day (which costs money), dynamic ads were not a suitable option due to the lack of traffic smaller sites drove and the fact you could only retarget users.

Now you can attract cold audiences, and depending on how the algorithm plays out, you can piggyback off the bigger brands and serve ad content to their prospects.

The bigger brands can also benefit from the updates by serving their best selling items to cold traffic to drive more sales. The ability to target cold audiences also gives you the opportunity to splinter your Facebook funnel, potentially creating more paths.

With this new update, you can now for the first time reach thousands of people with personalized automated Facebook ads with very little effort, making it super easy to scale offers and campaigns.

The update is coming soon

At this moment in time, the new dynamic ads update is being tested by a number of e-commerce brands in North America. Although Facebook has not mentioned a release date for the update, I do expect it to happen this year.

What are your thoughts on the new Facebook update to dynamic ads?

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