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Facebook’s New Delivery Insights Tool And Why You Need To Be Using It

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Earlier this week Facebook announced the launch of its newest online tool: Delivery Insights.

This new tool will reveal how your campaigns are performing against competitors and offer recommendations on how you can better tweak your campaigns to win at auction.

In today’s article I’m going to provide an overview on Delivery Insights, what it is and how you should be using it.

What is Delivery Insights?

In a nutshell, Delivery Insights allows businesses to win more ad auctions and reach their objectives faster and cheaper. Delivery Insights will reveal ads that are under-delivering and offer suggestions to remedy the problems.

Facebook states that Delivery Insights will remove some of the guesswork that marketers face when trying to create winning Facebook campaigns, while at the same time coach businesses on the factors that go into their complex bidding auction.

To give you a quick overview, the Facebook bidding auction provides each of your ads an overall bidding score, the score is based on:

Price – the amount you’re willing to pay per action.

Relevance score – is a 1-10 scoring system that reveals how relevant your ad is to your audience. This is calculated by the amount of interactions your target audience has with your ad.

Likelihood of audience taking action – is the chance that your audience will make your intended action (click, share, comment, optin).

Once your bidding score is calculated, it’s thrown into an auction with other ads and the one with the highest overall bid score is served to the user. This means that you can pay way above what you’d like for your action, but if your ads have a low relevance score they may not served.

The problem delivery Insights solves for businesses

One of the biggest issues businesses have with Facebook Ads was not knowing why their campaigns were under-delivering. There are dozens of variables you can adjust on a single campaign to alter how your ads are served, but without guidance or much input you often end up spending a lot of time and money guessing what the problem may be.

Thanks to Delivery Insights you can know identity which of the 3 factors is causing your campaigns to underperform. For example, if you find that the cost per action is too low, you know the cause of the problem and where to fix it. If Delivery Insights suggest the audience are unlikely to take your intended action, it’s a red flag that the campaign type you selected is not appropriate.

A low relevance score tied with the above suggests that you’re not targeting the right audience and need to niche down further.  Whatever the cause of under-delivery, Delivery Insights will point you to the cause of the problem with solutions to fix it.

When can you start using Delivery Insights?

Delivery Insights will roll out globally in the next few weeks and you will find it in the Delivery column of each campaign at the ad set level.

How to leverage Delivery Insights

One of the biggest pros to using Delivery Insights is to understand how competitive your ads are in the marketplace. If your ads are under-delivering that is a sign that you’re ads are not optimized. For example, if your daily budget for a specific campaign is set to $50 but each day you spend less than $30, this is a sign that your campaign is under-delivering (assuming you’re not targeting a small audience of 10,000<).

When you setup an ad at the ad-set level, Facebook offers an ‘estimation’ on how many people will see your ad. If your ad is served less than the estimation, Delivery Insights will tell you how to improve it:

Facebook Ads Reach


Do note that the Facebook algorithm tries to minimize the amount of ads users see from a single advertiser,  if your audiences overlap with one another and your daily budgets are not being reached, it may not be because your ad is under-delivering but rather as the result of audience overlap.

On the flip side, you may learn that your daily budget is being reached each day yet your relevance score and the likelihood of users to take action is low. Tweaking your ad and adjusting your targeting options based on Delivery Insights feedback, you’ll be able to reach more prospects and complete more actions on the same budget.


Facebook takes into consideration several factors when deciding which ads are shown to users, just because you set your bid to automatic doesn’t necessarily ensure your ad will be shown. The relevance of your ads and the audiences you target are just as important, if not more so when you’re serving ads on a limited budget.

If your Facebook campaigns are under-delivering or under-performing and you’re struggling to run profitable ads, get in touch with us today to see what we can do.

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