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Building a profitable, scalable Facebook advertising strategy isn’t easy. But with the right framework, you can quickly find the right opportunities on Facebook that can help your ecommerce business grow.

That’s why we’ve created “How to Spend $10,000 Per Day on Facebook.” In this guide, we walk you through important tactics you need to create an effective Facebook advertising strategy, including:

  • Dynamic Product Ads

    Learn how to use Facebook’s best tool for ecommerce businesses.

  • Choosing the Right Creative

    Get top tips for using the right creative for different types of campaigns and stages of the funnel.

  • Audience Targeting

    What are the best ways to target potential customers and identify the most profitable segments? We show you.

  • Remarketing

    Marketing to people who have already been to your website is where they money is – we show you how to make the most while spending the least.

  • Scaling and Optimization Tweaks

    Getting the best possible performance requires incremental testing to get several small wins. This guide shows you several you probably aren’t using.

The ebook is completely free and available to anyone interested in downloading. Grab the ebook today and start scaling your Facebook ads!


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