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How Driving Page Likes Are Now CRITICAL To Running a Successful Facebook Campaign

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I think we can all agree, that it’s a struggle to quantify the actual value of a page like.

For all intensive purposes,  the main benefit of Facebook’s page like algorithm has been that it has allowed Facebook marketers to target very narrow user audiences inside of Facebook ads.

Recently, Facebook has made a critical change to their ad delivery system, the new change caps the amount of impressions a user see’s from a particular advertiser. The algorithm works so that all Facebook users who aren’t fans of a particular fan page, will only be able to see impressions a maximum of 2 times within a given 24 hour period.

This is mission critical for those companies that we’ve set up multiple touch points with, as they can now only reach new audiences twice per day. This puts a lot of pressure on advertisers to maximize those 2-3 impressions with the products people are most likely to buy.

According to our awesome Facebook rep, Facebook allows you to show more impressions to people who like your page than people who are not connected to your page. Once a person has liked a page, Facebook now allows them to see up to 5 impressions within a 24 hour period which is 2.5 times more than if they never liked your page.

So in essence, it makes a whole lot of sense now to create campaigns to drive likes as this allows you to maximize the amount of impressions in your ad delivery.

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