How to Acquire New Customers with Video on Facebook and Instagram

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Acquiring new customers using video on Facebook and Instagram is easy when you have a plan and understand the power of video.

In this article I’m going to show you how MuteSix acquired new customers using video for three major e-commerce brands.

The power of video on Facebook and Instagram

Video is the hardest content format to produce, but it provides the biggest impact.

How long does it take you to consume an image? Less than a second.

How long does it take you to consume a video? That depends on the length of the video.

And that’s the beauty of video.

You’re able to hold a prospect’s attention for a longer period of time. The ability to hold their attention for a greater amount of time allows you to showcase your product and brand more effectively.

Video also acts as a filter to separate interested buyers from non-interested buyers.

If your video is 30 seconds and a prospect has watched 20 seconds or more, they are a warm lead.

If someone has only watched 3 seconds, they don’t care about your product and you don’t need to waste time showing them further content.

This filter process is very beneficial, as when you retarget audiences later you can focus on people who watched more of your video and avoid serving ads to those who watched only for a few seconds.

When we created top of the funnel video content for Grunt Style, we managed to get 50% cheaper impressions from video and were able to scale the campaign to over 20 million video views at the cost of $0.01 per video view.

FB and IG 1.png

In this example, we used video to reach millions of people and then created dozens of video custom audiences based on watch time.

Then we retargeted them further down the funnel with the appropriate content and offers based on their behaviors and interactions on Facebook and our website.                                                           

With Sphynx we took a similar approach, but instead of using the video views objective, we optimized the campaign for conversions.

Our video campaign on Instagram drove Sphynx conversions at 8.2x less than other platforms and a 30% lower cost per conversion.

FB and IG 2.png

Conversions or video views to acquire customers on Facebook and Instagram?

Video views and conversions provide you with two completely different results.

If you choose the video views objective, Facebook will show your video to people who are most likely to watch it.

If you choose the conversion objective, Facebook will show your video to people who are more likely to purchase.

I personally like to start off with video views first to build up a super strong custom audience who I can retarget with the right offer.

Using video views also lets you reach more people, and because you have a second level to your funnel, it makes optimizing your offer and troubleshooting your audience easier.

If your video view campaign is receiving really good results then you may want to run a straight conversion campaign using your video.

Your video needs to be pretty refined and optimized to run conversions right off the bat. At the very minimum it needs to:

  • show your product in use,
  • display the product’s benefits (not features),
  • tell a story or solve a pain point,
  • include social proof,
  • overcome customer objections, and
  • include a powerful call to action.

You’re trying to convince someone who has never heard of your brand to stop what they are doing and purchase your product.

With PreHeels we started by addressing the biggest pain point that women have wearing high heels, and then showed the prospect someone using the product in the video.

FB and IG 3.jpg

As well as covering all the points in the bullet points, we combined it with a 30% discount to remove any objections new prospects would have.

Your only weapon is a 15-30-second video. The video must be able to overcome all their objections – this is not easy.

Going straight to conversions works for small-ticket items (anything under $100), but when you’re selling higher priced items or products that are complex in their benefits, it’s better to go with video views and later in your funnel optimize for conversions.

Your turn to acquire more customers through video

A lot of marketers today aren’t really thinking about the customer journey or how Facebook and Instagram works.

By using video custom audiences and the right conversion objections you can create a streamlined funnel that will bring in a steady flow of new customers using Facebook and Instagram.

We use video for three major e-commerce brands in different niches to successfully increase sales and lower their branding cost and CPA.

Video is a powerful weapon if you know how to use it on Facebook.

Are you looking to grow your business through video but aren’t sure how? If so, then get in touch with us today to see how we can help you. Click here for a FREE consultation.

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