How To Create Facebook Ads That Convert

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How To Create Facebook Ads That Convert

Let’s just be honest. If we want to get more high-quality consumers for our Facebook page, then we have to run amazing Facebook ads. There’s just no way around it. Sure, maybe back a decade ago, it was still possible for a Facebook page to “go viral” and accumulate a bunch of potential customers for free. But things change—and those times are gone. So, without further ado, here are some great tips to help you create an out-of-this-world Facebook ad or a new campaign that converts. 

Let’s dive in, shall we?

Facebook Advertising

Believe it or not, Facebook has a whopping 2.19 billion monthly active users with 68% of US adults connected, from young professionals to seasoned execs and everything in between. But just because everyone is hanging out there doesn’t mean posting for free on your business page will help achieve your marketing goals. Nor will blowing your advertising lifetime budget on driving traffic to your Facebook page.  

From generating leads to boosting sales to building a strong following, Facebook advertising is, without a doubt, a valuable piece of your marketing strategy, whether you are a large corporation or a small business manager. 

The Key To Facebook Ad Success

You see, the real key to the success of Facebook Ads lies in its ad targeting capabilities

Targeting allows you to narrow down into specific consumer interests so you can reach the individuals that are most likely to respond to an ad. If you sell beauty supplies, for example, you can target women within a specific age bracket. This leads to the most optimization when it comes to your ads, and Facebook does have an automatic placement feature that aims to show your ads to the most likely audience. 

Here are a few of the ways you can look at your targeting options:

  • Gender
  • Location
  • Interests
  • Connections
  • Custom audiences
  • Behaviors

Targeting groups on its own, however, isn’t necessarily going to be enough. You need to target and address these demographics in a way that resonates. If you use the wrong tone or speak to the wrong motivation, you’re mostly throwing your Facebook ad money into a big black hole. 

Here are the best tips for marketers for creating Facebook ads that convert:

Visuals and Copy Must Work Together

In the latest version of the Facebook Algorithm, visual content gets top billing. It’s more likely to be shared than boring plain old text ad formats and makes for a much more memorable post. Additionally, since the platform began cracking down on branded content, brands may be better off focusing on video ads than static ads. 

Still, copywriting counts for a lot. You need to tell your audience exactly what they are in for in just a few words and gently guide them to your website landing page after offering something helpful or even fun. The art or video views attract consumers and increase brand awareness while the copy closes the deal for Facebook users. That’s how you’re going to get the metrics that you’re looking for.

Make Sure You Understand Your Audiences.

That wasn’t a typo; you need to understand your audience—yes, audiences.

Write with these different groups in mind: Potential customers, customers, repeat customers, recent buyers—the list goes on and depends on which audience networks you selected in the Facebook module. 

Marketing experts suggest ranking audiences by temperature. “Hot” means repeat customers or those currently working through the sales funnel, while “cold” refers to people who have never heard of you, and they may need to see different ads. This will help you to optimize for the correct audience targeting and create your campaign objectives. 

Include Your Value Proposition in the Image

Don’t forget to add your value prop to the image. Adding this will ensure that your new ad copy matches the picture and will get notified the second someone views your Facebook ad. 

Your value proposition needs to clearly list out your benefits and the advantage of using your services or purchasing a product from you versus the competitor. Still, if you are going to say that you’re the best in the whole wide world, you will need to back up that claim with a statistic, testimonial, or some other form of social proof backing that you are, in fact, “the best in the whole wide world.”

Have a Clear Call-to-Action in Every Ad

It may sound a bit aggressive, but a good Facebook ad campaign MUST tell people what to do! Just saying, “Hey, we are the best” isn’t exactly going to cut it. 

Use Call-to-Actions (CTAs) like:

  • Click Here Now
  • Sign Up Now
  • Get it Now
  • Click Here for 25% Off

Having a strong, clear call-to-action will greatly increase your Facebook ad conversions. 

Give Your Audience Less Choices

When it comes to your Facebook ad creative, it’s wise to give your viewers as few product or service choices as possible. The reason for this is that advertisements with fewer products tend to outperform ads showcasing many products on a carousel of images. 

Have you ever heard of decision fatigue? It comes from extensive decision-making. When people are given too many options, it causes stress, and instead of making a decision, people tend to shut down. That’s likely what happens when consumers, especially a new audience, confront ads with a ton of products—they feel overwhelmed. 

With this in mind, create a unique creative ad copy for each of your featured products, rather than trying to jam them all into a single advertisement. Not only will your products get much more individualized air time, but you will also be able to track which products are performing the best and which product ads could use a boost. 

Keep Your Discounts in Dollars Instead of Percentages

When it boils down to discounts, your potential customers want to know exactly how much they are saving. So, with this in mind, keep your stated discounts in dollars rather than in percentages. For example, “$100 off a new mattress” rather than “10% off a new mattress.” This will help to streamline the decision-making process for your viewers and saves them from having to do the math in their heads—something we can all appreciate! With Facebook ad creatives, it’s all about the dollar-dollar bills upfront.

Show Real, Live People

It’s pretty unsurprising that people who use Facebook respond well to pictures of other people. This is an important consideration when you are putting together the images you plan on using for your Facebook ads. Instead of having a picture solely showing a pair of shoes, consider showing a picture of a person wearing the shoes. Show them in a fun or pleasant situation or whatever scenario you feel will be the most appealing to your target audience. In addition, showing happy people using or wearing your product will showcase all the ways it can be worn or used. With this ad type, consumers will be able to visualize themselves purchasing your product! Makes sense, right? 

Keep Your Facebook Ad Short

The last tip on the list but arguably the most important one—keep your Facebook ads short and sweet. 

Think of how people use social media. Think of how you use social media. You likely don’t spend hours of your day scrolling through your news feed, reading everything you see, right? Instead, you probably scan your social media feed quickly, only tapping the things that immediately catch your eye in a few seconds or less, especially if you’re using the mobile app. 

You need to create a Facebook ad creative that is bold, eye-catching, and engaging. When it boils down to creating an ad copy, you’ve got to keep this tendency in mind with your marketing objectives. Consumers want to scan your material—not devour it like a Nicholas Sparks novel. 

A Final Word

At the end of the day, there are a lot of tips and tricks that go into creating an effective first Facebook ad. Thankfully, there are amazing advertising agencies that can take this burden off your shoulders and handle it for you—like MuteSix

MuteSix is a remarkable, award-winning Facebook advertising company. You hire a tax professional to handle your taxes, why not hire a pro ads manager to handle your marketing efforts? If you’re ready to take your business to the next level and jump into advertising on social networks, you need MuteSix. Trust us—you’ll thank us later!



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