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Instagram Rights Manager to Protect Branded Content

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Do you create unique video content on a regular basis only for it to be ripped by other accounts for their own gain? 

Well, Instagram is hoping to put a stop to that with their Instagram Rights Manager. 

In this article, I’ll explain how you can protect your Instagram content from being stolen and reused.

What is Instagram Rights Manager?

Instagram Rights Manager is a new tool that gives content creators, brands, and social media influencers more control of their work.

Rights Managers will give content creators the chance to block, monitor, or monetize anyone using their video content.

Block – This stops all third parties from uploading any protected content.

Monitor – This gives the content creator access to information on how often the video has been viewed along with other metrics. Monitoring allows others to republish your videos.

Monetize – This feature allows content creators to receive a share of ad revenue if ads are shown pre- or mid-roll within your video. This feature is currently limited and, at the time of writing (February 2018), not accessible to everyone.

The Instagram Rights Manager is still being rolled out and is not available to everyone.

How the Instagram Rights Manager works

To be able to protect your video content, you first need to upload your video to your Instagram page. Instagram will then ask if you want to set the rights to block or monitor (the monetize option is not available yet).

When your video is uploaded to Instagram, Instagram will attach a unique ID number to it which is unique to your video. When someone else rips your video, it will include your unique ID number and you’ll be notified.

Stories that are uploaded on Instagram will not be given a content ID number and cannot be protected at this time.

Right now, Instagram’s protection policy only applies to videos that appear in the Instagram news feed, on the explorer page, or LIVE. It does not apply on third-party networks or images.

The Instagram Rights Manager can be used on both private and public profiles.

Good news for content creators

One of the biggest problems faced by brands and social media influencers was copyright infringement.

You put in hours of hard work to create video content, only for it to be ripped by dozens of copycat pages for profit.

There are hundreds of pages that use online automation tools to scrape popular videos from brands and influencers for their own personal gain.

With the introduction of Instagram Rights Manager, you can now monitor who shares your content and decide whether to block or permit access.

If you’ve been reluctant to create video content because in the past others were stealing your work for profit, then set up your Instagram page with the Rights Manager enabled and upload all future video content to your Instagram library.

2018 is going to be great

Instagram made dozens of epic changes in 2017 that really helped brands carry out their marketing in a more advantageous way.

It looks like they are not slowing down in 2018 with the addition of the Rights Manager. I was really excited by this news as it’s another step forward in offering Instagram influencers more control over their pages and content. I wonder what other features they’ll introduce for influencers in 2018.

I’m hoping for a marketplace where influencers and brands can connect and work together through Instagram. How awesome would that be?

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