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Introducing the “Spend $10K A Day” Podcast

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The MuteSix team is very excited to announce our newest project – The “Spend $10K a Day” Podcast!

We’re very passionate about growing businesses through online advertising (and we love hearing ourselves talk), so we want to bring you all of our knowledge and expertise in an easy-to-follow, laid-back format. Our goal? To help you scale your advertising to the point where you’re spending over $10,000 per day profitably.

Each episode will feature multiple members of our team, as well as the occasional special guest, and we’ll discuss:

  • new features in the Facebook and Google advertising platforms;
  • strategies for upcoming events and holidays;
  • cutting edge tactics to increase sales and lower CPA;
  • anything else that can help you improve results.

You can catch the first episode right here:

You can also subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and Soundcloud or our channel on YouTube. Each option is available on our dedicated episode page, along with a full episode transcript. Happy listening!

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