Winning With TikTok

Diversification as a Prospecting Strategy

May 4th, 2023, 2pm ET / 11am PST

Virtual Event




With over 1 billion active users scrolling TikTok, it’s a no-brainer that DTC brands should be advertising there. But, the solution to stopping high-intent users in their scrolling tracks? Not so obvious.

In this virtual fireside chat, you’ll learn how to incorporate TikTok into your media mix and improve your blended ROAS across other channels.

Join us and experts from TikTok, KnoCommerce, and Disco to learn everything you need to know – including how to build a performance-focused strategy, target high-intent shoppers, and measure attribution via personalized post-purchase surveys.

We’ll also hear from Primally Pure, a fast-growing natural skincare brand, on how they’ve introduced TikTok into their growth strategy with measurable success.