Increase your reach and ROI with SMS.

How It Works

We use a targeted approach to reach your customers where they are, on their text app, with relevant messaging to engage and build customer loyalty. 

The MuteSix Difference

MuteSix brings a full-funnel approach to SMS marketing. We strategically plan and test campaign sends, build out full lifecycle automations and incorporate customer service, loyalty and rewards, reviews, subscription and transactional messaging. We are at the forefront of SMS as a channel and leverage our partnerships with some of the leading SMS platforms to be the first with access to new functionality and programming.

Our Process

  1. Audit and analysis of business and current funnels
  2. Strategic roadmapping of campaigns and automations
  3. Implementation and targeted testing
  4. Continued analysis and optimization
Up to 40%
click through rate in SMS messages
Up to 15%
of total revenue attributed to SMS
Up to 20x

Our Latest Case Study

MuteSix was tasked with generating subscribers and converting a long list of prospects for Liquid Death. Our goal was to grow SMS and email lists and ultimately drive more direct revenue.

The Strategy

We decided to play the field. MuteSix did a full build on automation, creating several pop-ups, and testing new segments. We also capitalized on a prospect list made up of 70% of our total email database, converting an additional 15% of those users to customers over a 3-month period and seeing them come back to repeat purchase.

360% Email subscribers increase
383% Revenue growth
30% Of total database converted to customers