Static + Animated GIF

Static Images

Graphic Design Team creates branded static imagery to use throughout different channels including Facebook (Instagram), Google and Programmatic. These banners are stylized and can either be used for evergreen ad campaigns or promotional brand hype. Statics are just as strong as an animated ad, they are clear and to the point. Most of these ads include lifestyle and product imagery, while others may include text-only graphics with discounts or announcements. 

Animated GIF

Animated GIF’s can be used throughout multiple channels as well. Multiple frames can introduce a brand to an audience, tell a story, deep dive into value propositions, testimonial shout-outs, Press mentions, compare competition or simply hype a promotional sale. Animated GIF’s stay on-brand and use animated transitions with static imagery/photography. They can help with social media thumb stop rates and help build excitement for a new product or seasonal promotion.