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Shopify App Review: Optimonk

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Are you looking for ways to increase your website conversion rate? 

What ecommerce store isn’t?

In today’s article I’ll be reviewing the Shopify app Optimonk, which can help you recover up to 15% of abandoning visitors with on-site retargeting.


What is Optimonk?

Optimonk is a Shopify app that serves website visitors a pop-up just as they are about to leave your store. The pop-up has a personalized message which can be altered based on how they navigated your store.


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Optimonk helps businesses to:

  • increase conversions of first-time website visitors,
  • grow email lists,
  • reduce the amount of abandoned carts, and
  • provide a better customer experience.

Whereas before you may have solely relied on cart abandonment emails and Facebook or Google retargeting to claw back top-of-the-funnel visitors, Optimonk offers ecommerce businesses another medium to convert customers instantly.

What features does Optimonk have?

There are two main features that Optimonk offers:

Exit bar – This is a form that appears only when the website visitor is about to leave your website, on scroll or after X seconds of being on your website.

Nanobar – This is a signup bar that you can place at the top or bottom of your website that can capture a visitor’s email address or show a coupon code.


Optimonk works right out the box (no coding required), integrates with all popular email services, uses a WYSWYG interface, and allows you to set up an unlimited amount of exit offers with dozens of templates to choose from.

For websites that drive thousands of visitors per day, you can further optimize Optimonk by serving different pop-ups based on a user’s geo-location, A/B testing various banners, and even showing multi-page pop-ups.

What makes Optimonk different from other pop-up apps?

You can find many similar apps in Shopify that can help you generate opt-ins or pop-ups when a user is about to exit. The following features make Optimonk different:

Page level targeting – If a visitor has viewed a certain product or category, they can be shown an offer within X seconds related to what they just saw. You can create unique pop-ups for each product viewed.


Cart value/content targeting – Optimonk can read the value or contents of a customer’s cart and show various offers depending on their cart value. For example, if their order is above a certain amount, you can display a message promoting free shipping. Alternatively, you can show a targeted upsell offer if a user has a specific item in his/her cart.           

Onclick triggering – When a visitor clicks on a button, image (product thumbnail), or page element, you can set Optimonk to show a personalized offer tailored to the action made.

Visitor recognition – Optimonk uses retargeting to identify whether it is a visitor’s first time on your website, and allows you to show new and returning customers different messages.


Custom CSS – If you have in-house developers, you can add custom code to Optimonk to create your own features and uses. It is perfect for larger ecommerce stores.

Who is Optimonk for?

Optimonk is suitable for businesses of all sizes with their cheapest package starting at $24.16 per month if you opt for a year.



If you are selling dozens of products to a number of buyer personas, their geo- and page-level targeting can rapidly increase sales with the correct offers and personalized messages.

It is perfect for ecommerce stores that drive thousands of visitors per day and have different buyer personas as it enables you to automate personalized content.

Within Optimonk, you can choose to use internal analytics or link it up to Google Analytics to see how your audience is reacting to their alerts.                             

Lower your ad spend with Optimonk

If you can successfully get Optimonk to work with your ecommerce store and convert more visitors on their initial visit (when your brand is hot in their mind), you’ll spend less on ad remarketing on Facebook and Google.

A website visitor may not see your retargeting ad until a few days after visiting your store, and by then they may have changed their mind or bought a similar item from somewhere else.

With Optimonk, a lead lost becomes a lead saved.

Optimonk comes with a 14-day free trial. If you drive a reasonable amount of traffic and have proven sales numbers per day, you’d be crazy not to give it a shot.

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