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The Ambitious Entrepreneur Show Hosts MuteSix Chief Strategy Officer Moody Nashawaty

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Our very own, Moody Nashawaty was recently a guest on the Ambitious Entrepreneur podcast this week. Check out the episode to hear him discuss how most brands either hit a wall or a ceiling – break through walls with the latest ad hacks and break through ceilings with creative that converts.

Moody Nashawaty, Chief Strategy Officer, MuteSix

Moody is the Chief Strategy Officer at performance marketing agency, MuteSix. He manages 100s of millions of dollars in ad spend and leads and develops all of the creative strategy for dozens of brands.

Annemarie Cross, Host, Ambitious Entrepreneur Podcast

Annemarie Cross is a Brand and Communication Strategist & Chief Storyteller from Communicate Now Pty Ltd. She’s also the CEO/Founder of the Ambitious Entrepreneur Podcast Network, and is often referred to by her guests and clients as: “The Podcasting Queen” due to her expertise and involvement in podcasting, since 2008.

In this episode…

To get somebody to see an ad for the first time and go to the website and put in their credit card information and all with a profitable ROAS – it’s a magical thing. But here at MuteSix it’s all we do. Tune in to this episode to learn the following:

1. How to get exponential return on your ad spend using Facebook ads

2. How and why to use video creative to tell your brands story on Facebook and Instagram

3. Essential website optimizations to increase your conversion rate

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