The Comprehensive Guide to Saving Email Marketing in the Wake of iOS 15

New Measurement Strategies, Segmentation Solutions, and Creative Best Practices to Save Email Marketing and Drive Success



In This Exclusive Guide

iOS 15, Apple’s latest piece to the intricate consumer privacy puzzle, has essentially made shoppers anonymous to email marketers, making it more challenging than ever to measure performance and leverage reliable data to optimize email campaigns.

Here, MuteSix, the leading performance marketing agency for DTC brands, and Klaviyo, the premier email and SMS automation platform, weigh in on the future of email marketing and share tried-and-true solutions for circumventing the challenges that come with advertising in Apple’s increasingly privacy-first world.

In this guide, we’ll uncover:

  • New Measurement Solutions: The Inflation of Open Rates and Importance of Click Rates
  • Deliverability Enhancements: Solutions for More Robust Segmentation
  • Updated Creative Best Practices: New Strategies to Boost Click Rates (and Ultimately Conversions)
  • Success Story: How Patrick Ta Beauty Boosted Clicks from .5% to Over 3% Using Post-iOS 15 Strategies