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What to Do on Facebook and Google When You’re Going to Get Press

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When receiving any sort of major press from a popular podcast, TV show, newspaper, or online publication, to get the maximum benefit of this short-term pump of traffic and awareness you must set up your Facebook and Google profile in a specific way. 

A single positive press story can drive tens of thousands of visitors to your store.

Right now Bitcoin is getting a lot of press, and Google searches for it are at an all-time high.

Press news 1.png


Yet when I type the word Bitcoin into Google, the actual domain is listed third with their sub domain listed second.

Press news 2.png

This is a perfect example of a business (or in this case the owner of incorrectly setting up their Google and Facebook presence when receiving major press.

In this article, I’ll provide you with five tips on what you should do on Google and Facebook when receiving media press.

1. Increase your budgets for branded search keywords

A branded keyword is a word that includes phrases of a brand name or brand product.

For example, iPhone and iMac are branded keywords for Apple.

The term Nike Shoes is a branded keyword for Nike, and when you type that keyword into Google Nike is listed #1 in AdWords and organic search.


Press news 3.png

Ranking #1 organically and in paid search ensures that the bulk of people looking for Nike shoes visit the Nike website.

During periods of high press, you’re going to have more people searching for your business in Google. If you don’t rank as the first listing on Google, then you may end up losing traffic to a competitor. ranks #3 on Google for its branded term and is losing 20%-30% of traffic per day to CoinDesk, which sits at #1.

Google personalizes the search based on the user. Even if your business does rank at #1 when you do a Google search, it may not rank at #1 for another person.

Increase your ad budget for branded keywords to ensure you rank #1 around the clock. When the buzz of the press dies down, you can taper back your budget.

2. Relate your Facebook and Google Page to the news

Let’s say you’re being mentioned in several major newspapers because you’re releasing a new product.

You want to make it as easy as possible for anyone visiting your Facebook or Google profile to locate that product on your website.

This is very easy to do.

By using AdWords, instead of sending users to your homepage, send them to a specific landing page for the new product that is receiving press.

You can use ad extensions which help your ads stand out. If the press news is about multiple products then you can create several ad extensions around each product, making the discovery process for new prospects much easier.

Here’s an example of Agoda’s ad extensions in Thailand. It gives people a chance to find hotels or apartments at various locations.

Press news 4.png

Make your extensions relevant to press news.

If you have a brick and mortar location or a Google Plus profile, update your links, address, and location to be up to date. If your Google Profile has bad reviews, or not enough reviews, send an email to your list and encourage people to leave reviews.

You don’t want to receive good press only to be let down by poor Google reviews, a wrong telephone number, or an outdated business address.

On your Facebook Page, have a pinned post relating to the current press release so it’s the first thing people see when visiting your page.

Temporarily change your cover photo with information about the press release and edit your call to action to ‘View Website.’ Again, ensure the URL does not go to your homepage but a landing page with information about the press release.

3. Create your copy and landing pages

All first touch points on Google and Facebook must mention the news in the press.

A first touch point is what a prospect needs to click to get to your website. For example, a first touch point on Facebook would be the call to action button on your page, the most recent page posts (pinned post), or a cover photo that mentions a specific URL link.

On Instagram it would be the information in your bio and URL.

On Google it would be your AdWords or organic listing.

These touch points must relate to whatever is discussed in the press. If you’re taking over a new business or entering a new market, then your messaging and creatives must reflect that.

If you’re adding new products, then your copy must be about the products.

Once press news starts to die down and prospects searching for your business returns to the baseline, then you can default back to your previous messaging.

4. Spend more on marketing

When deciding on how much to allocate on marketing spend each month, e-commerce businesses typically spend more during Q3 and Q4 as opposed to Q1 and Q2 based on consumers spending more during the holidays.

You must increase your marketing budget when you’re going to get press.

A lot of people may hear about your brand but are just too lazy, busy, or forgetful to search for you, but if you appear in their Facebook newsfeed or the Google Display Network, the added social proof of the press release will help you get more people into your funnel.

5. Use Sniply

Sniply is an online link-sharing tool that allows you to place call to actions on another site back to your site.

It works like this: you select the URL link you want to share with your audience (in this case the press release).

You then create your own call to action, message, and a link going back to your own website.

Press news 5.png


When you now share this link your audience can read the press release, and in the bottom left-hand corner there is a call to action for them to visit your own website.

Press news 6.png


When you publish the press release on your social media channels people can read it and then go straight to your website to learn more. The real benefit comes when others share your article (think about using link-sharing audiences) – if you can get your post to go viral then thousands of people can piggy-back from the press release back to your website.


Think of media press like a wave in the ocean.

All waves come to an end, but some can be very big and last for a long time. To maximize the benefits of press news during the peak of the wave,  you should have your business listed in as many places that talk about the news.

Droves of prospects will be searching for your business in order to learn more about your brand. Using the tips listed above, you can make the discovery process easy and increase your sales.

How do you handle your marketing in times of positive press?

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