We Are MuteSix

A creative agency that scales up brands of all sizes with a team of professionals eager to grow, learn and ultimately win.

Our Mission

We help brands win by achieving limitless scale using comprehensive cross-channel strategies. We understand that every brand is unique and that the combination of channels and the strategic approach must be nimble, innovative, and at times unconventional. Performance is the foundation of who we are. MuteSix is the leading D2C agency with the most proven success stories. We attribute our success to the individuals who make up our team.

We strive to hire the best, valuing integrity, fearlessness, and an intense work ethic. We reward risk-takers, innovative thinkers, and problem solvers who stretch themselves beyond their capabilities and the “job description” to succeed for our clients. We are an all-star team of thought leaders who strive to win, collaborate, and become true industry leaders.

It is our responsibility to create an open, inclusive, welcoming environment where individuals can thrive. The best performance comes from an environment where risk-taking is rewarded, we learn from our mistakes, take every opportunity to grow, and innovate alongside one another.

We have codified the traits that are essential to performing at the highest level and succeeding within our organization. We believe that success is not innate, but is nurtured through hard work and dedication. We believe that your perspective and the way you conduct yourself are the foundation for success within the company. By upholding these values, we bring our best work to the clients and become the best versions of ourselves for the organization.

Our Values

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  • Make responsible decisions, seek opportunities, find solutions and grow independently.
  • Take responsibility for your choices, missteps and successes.
  • Do your best work with hands-off management that believes in your capabilities.
  • Speak up and approach leaders for tools, guidance and growth that you need to succeed.


  • Treat colleagues with respect regardless of differences or their role in the company.
  • Provide open, honest communication and find solutions when disagreements arise.
  • Are non-political, overcome differences, and are collaborative with colleagues.
  • Never say something about a colleague you wouldn’t say to their face—including over Slack.


  • Are an excellent communicator who knows the value of listening.
  • Analyze situations before responding in a helpful, supportive and timely manner to clients and colleagues.
  • Appreciate direct, straightforward communication and have been known to “over-communicate”.

Do you share similar values?

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  • Understand you’re part of an open, growing team of professionals from various cultural and ideological backgrounds.
  • Treat differing opinions with respect while learning about other perspectives and experiences because it makes us better as colleagues and as marketers.
  • Don’t tolerate retaliation over these differences and know it’s your responsibility to speak up if you witness it.


  • Are a fast learner who’s open to extending themselves beyond what comes easily in order to grow.
  • Want to understand every client’s business as a whole and are eager to help them scale.
  • Will leverage resources beyond your specialties to achieve broader business goals.
  • Can adapt to different client needs and will be channel agnostic in achieving results.


  • Know the road to success isn’t always comfortable.
  • Are open to criticism and treat differing opinions and ideas with respect.
  • Take responsibility to speak up about actions inconsistent with our values.
  • Appreciate and seek honest, transparent feedback as it is a requirement of becoming the best.


For us, culture is about building energized relationships where chivalry happens at all levels no matter what your title is. It’s about having fun as a team and not taking ourselves too seriously. It’s about being inclusive, open and actively engaged with our customers, partners, employees and the communities we serve. It’s about appreciating risks when offered and not being afraid to make mistakes along the way. It’s about being a part of a brand that fosters our staff’s creative potential and never stops evolving. It’s about teams that work best when they work together. And, it’s about knowing we believe in doing right every step of the way.

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Steve Weiss

Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Steve is the founder and CEO of MuteSix, the largest D2C agency in North America that has scaled some of the world’s fastest-growing e-commerce brands. He started the business in 2013 and built it from the ground up, leading to a record-breaking acquisition by dentsu. Under Steve’s direction, th ...
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Daniel Rutberg is co-founder of MuteSix, playing an integral role in its rise to the largest D2C agency in North America and securing a record-breaking acquisition by dentsu. With unparalleled digital marketing expertise, Daniel has spent his decade-long career building successful teams and scaling ...
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Greg Gillman is Chief Revenue Officer at MuteSix, where he’s generated nearly $4B in revenue for D2C clients and played a significant role in the agency’s 2019 acquisition by dentsu. An expert problem-solver known to create proven, turnkey solutions that take businesses to the next level, Greg h ...
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Moody Nashawaty is Chief Strategy Officer and Partner at MuteSix, playing an integral role in its rise to the largest D2C agency in North America and recent acquisition by dentsu. Over his decade-long career, he facilitated $500M in ad spend, built hundreds of funnels, ran commercial-level productio ...
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MuteSix Culture

At MuteSix, we have a diverse and inclusive workforce that is intent on making a difference. We give back to our community through a number of annual initiatives supporting human rights, animal welfare and environmental issues. We expect our employees at all levels to act with a deep-rooted sense of honesty, fairness and integrity and encourage them to share their time and talent with society. We consistently onboard top talent in our industry, but we don’t stop there. We believe in constant education and provide our employees with ongoing learning opportunities online, in the office and sometimes around the world.

What We Offer

Lunch & Learns

Weekly “Lunch & Learns”, and various opportunities to learn from industry experts as well as M6 peers.

Equipment + Software

Company-sponsored work equipment including computers, monitors, and software. We’re fans of Mac and Adobe Creative Suite (just to name a few…).

Flexible Hours

Flexible work environment to best fit your productivity. MuteSix encourages a healthy work/life balance and encourages our employees to structure their work schedules accordingly.

LA Office Perks

Our Los Angeles office is full of perks, such as dog-friendly accommodations, a kitchen stocked daily with SnackNation, cold brew, and La Croix, a free gym, daily food trucks and a weekly farmer’s market, and outdoor amenities including hammocks, ping pong + billiard tables, and a basketball court.

Team + Community Events

Company-sponsored virtual happy hours and remote team events that cultivate our professional community and personal relationships. Team building and community are highly valued and we continue to explore new ways to cultivate this amidst current remote working conditions.

Mentorship + Advising

Direct support and training to foster your career growth through mentorship programs and delegated department-wide virtual office hours.


Functional opportunities for remote employment across the US. We take the precautions associated with the Covid-19 Pandemic very seriously and will not ask anyone to report to work in-office unless absolutely necessary.

Diversity & Inclusion Coalition

We’re proud to have an inviting and productive coalition that meets weekly to work on internal and external initiatives to promote diversity and inclusion in our workplace community.

Charity Donation Matching

Quarterly donation matching to organizations of your choosing.