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MuteSix drives value for the digital age, helping its ever-growing roster of clients evolve their existing businesses with its winning combination of targeted media-buying, direct response creative, and industry-leading data reporting. With hundreds of channel-specific Paid Media strategists, an in-house DataSix team, and a full-service creative studio, MuteSix delivers best-in-class, scalable marketing solutions for clients across a broad spectrum of industries.

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Christian Vollerslev

Chief Executive Officer
As CEO of MuteSix, Christian Vollerslev brings over 20 years of global media and advertising experience, spanning four countries. With extensive agency and enterprise-level advertising success – which includes work for Microsoft, Grubhub, Seamless, P&G, and Kellogg’s – Christian offers a w ...
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JuHee Kim is the President at MuteSix. In this role, she helps the team navigate the transition from the founder-led boutique agency from which it originated to the network-driven leader of today as MuteSix integrates with dentsu. In addition to helping set the future-forward vision and strategy for ...
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Greg Gillman is Chief Revenue Officer at MuteSix, where he’s generated nearly $4B in revenue for DTC clients and played a significant role in the agency’s 2019 acquisition by dentsu. An expert problem-solver known to create proven, turnkey solutions that take businesses to the next level, Greg h ...
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Jesse DeBear spearheads MuteSix’s Client Success team, where he was hire #1. Jesse’s firm grasp on omnichannel media-buying and natural-born leadership skills poised him to head MuteSix’s Client Success team, which is now 30-person strong and responsible for fueling a 400% increase in MuteSix ...
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Josh Henry-Hicks is a veteran of the e-commerce and retail space at the ripe old age of 30. Josh took one of the largest Australia retailers, with over 75 stores in City Beach, from the mature world of brick-and-mortar into the digital age with one of the first multichannel e-commerce stores in Aust ...
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Harrison started at MuteSix when the company had fewer than 10 employees. Over half a decade later, he now leads a world-class Google Ads account management team that handles over 5 million dollars in monthly ad spend. A paid-search thought leader in his own right, he has had the pleasure of sharing ...
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Olivia Kelleher is the Vice President of Creative at MuteSix, where she and award-winning content are practically synonymous. This big-picture, out-of-the-box thinker is the talent behind some of MuteSix’s most successful campaigns—both in performance and recognition—with several DTC spots gar ...
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Brian Berri is the Vice President of Finance at MuteSix. In this role, Brian turns financial data into informed decisions so as to sustain unstoppable growth for MuteSix. As the “thoughtful steward” of MuteSix’s finances, Brian has played a pivotal role in the company’s fast yet strategicall ...
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