Amaryllis Apparel

MuteSix worked with the fashion brand to increase ROAS and New-to-Brand orders on Amazon.


MuteSix worked with the budget-friendly, casual-luxe “social trend” fashion brand to increase revenue, conversions from ads, ROAS, and New-to-Brand orders on Amazon within the competitive women’s apparel vertical.

The Goal

Having formerly managed their campaigns in-house, Amaryllis Apparel turned to MuteSix with the goal of increasing ROAS, while expanding the business with New-to-Brand orders. Their goal was to expand their promotions and sales beyond a limited selection of best-sellers, the approach they had been taking prior to working with us.

The Strategy

Women’s clothing is a very competitive vertical on the Amazon shopping platform, which calls for much more aggressive CPC bidding. As a result, this creates the challenge of increasing ROAS. 

To solve this, MuteSix’s Amazon strategists first turned to Brand Defense. Such a tactic prevented competitors from appearing above the fold when using our search terms. It was thus crucial that MuteSix create campaigns to prevent this from happening to provide a positive shopping experience for consumers actively searching for Amaryllis Apparel. Brand Defense allowed us to do this by combating competitors aggressively trying to “steal” market share against our branded keywords. We thus expanded our keyword selection from what had been used in the past, adding mid- and long-tail keywords that captured the full breadth of how people were searching for the brand on Amazon.

Another strategic tactic MuteSix adopted was Category Expansion, which helped earn the sale of shoppers who have demonstrated they’re in the market for a specific product but have not yet specified or decided on a brand. This strategy involved bidding on unbranded category search terms with the intention of growing Amaryllis Apparel’s brand within the respective category.

Both Brand Defense and Category Expansion on the Amazon platform allowed Amaryllis Apparel to promote a larger selection of products beyond best-sellers, and thus increase revenue, conversions from ads, and ROAS.

1,338 Conversions From Ads in Q1 2021 12.08x ROAS in March 2021 178 New-to-Brand Orders in Q1 2021

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