Perfect Keto

MuteSix worked with the keto brand to improve demand-side platform (DSP) performance and increase ROAS and subscriptions on Amazon.


With America’s #1 Keto brand, you can lose weight, curb cravings, and boost your energy with the brand’s wide array of products, including its high-quality, easy and effective Keto Essentials, snacks and nutrition, and more. 

The Goal

Though already the leading Keto brand on the market, Perfect Keto came to MuteSix looking to increase subscriptions with existing purchasers and secure New-to-Brand purchases because of how highly competitive this particular segment is. To accomplish these goals, Perfect Keto knew they needed to leverage Amazon’s first-party shopping behavior data, and they turned to the Amazon DSP strategists at MuteSix to accomplish that.

The Strategy

Prior to coming to MuteSix, Perfect Keto had not been engaging existing Amazon shoppers to build retention. The keto-friendly brand had also run DSP tests previously and saw less-than-optimal performance from an ad-attributed perspective.They were thus skeptical to duplicate a similar, low-performing strategy without leveraging new retention strategies.

With that in mind, MuteSix implemented a full-funnel test focused on one ASIN group, the Perfect Keto Collagen Powders. With the test, we were able to target purchasers, product viewers who had not purchased, competitors’ viewers, category viewers and a broad awareness audience of consumers interested in exercise and diet-related lifestyles. The primary goal was to engage consumers at every stage of the purchase cycle to build retention, while raising awareness to prospective consumers.

The full-funnel DSP strategy not only drove positive sales volume within lower-funnel tactics, but it also boosted discoverability with new consumers. In building customized segments to refine large, in-market segments, MuteSix was able to reduce cost and deliver YoY increases even when the category was seeing seasonal lows.

In terms of creative, Amazon offers a wide variety within DSP. MuteSix utilized two in particular: Dynamic Ecommerce Ads (DEA) and Custom Images. DEA creatives were leveraged in lower-funnel tactics, as those graphics are more product-focused and depict discounts and star reviews. For our awareness strategy, we generated custom images to provide a more visual context of Perfect Keto’s value props for consumers who were in-the-market for similar products but had not yet heard of Perfect Keto.

52.94x ROAS for Retention Ads 135 Consumers Subscribed After Viewing a Retention-Level DSP Ad 22x ROAS for Retargeting Ads 2.8K+ Purchases from New-to-Brand Consumers 46% Increase in Detail Page Views (82K+ views)

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