MuteSix worked with the clothing brand to help increase subscriptions.

The Goal

MuteSix was tasked with creating an ad campaign to reach new audiences and bring in new subscribers without raising subscription acquisition costs.

The Strategy

MuteSix and Armoire created video ads, photo ads with animated GIFs and photo ads in carousel format highlighting bright-colored clothes. The animated GIFs worked well to show the variety of the clothing that customers could add to their closet, while carousel format ads worked well to convey the excitement of the unboxing experience. Some of the video ad content came from existing customers and included their testimonials. The ads emphasized the sustainability angle of the subscription program, focusing on reduced waste from impulsive fashion purchases.

The team showed the ads to women interested in maternity, sustainability, fashion, clothing rental, high-end food and competitors. It also reached out to Custom Audiences of people who had visited its website, started a trial subscription or paid to subscribe, as well as to lookalike audiences based on them.

The team selected Facebook’s automatic placements, which allows Facebook to place ads in real time on the platform where they are performing best, including Instagram, Facebook, Audience Network and Messenger. In this case, the ads performed best on Facebook and Instagram. The team also selected campaign budget optimization, which automatically grants greater budget to higher-performing ads.

Ads directed at new audiences included “learn more” call-to-action buttons that linked to the company’s homepage, while ads that reached people who had already expressed an interest or had subscribed included a “subscribe” button that linked to landing pages related to their shopping interests.

9x Subscriptions increase 20x Start trials increase 23% Subscription acquisition cost decrease

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