BabyFirst TV

MuteSix worked with the TV network to decrease CPC and increase its audience and views.

The Goal

MuteSix was tasked with decreasing BabyFirst TV’s CPC and increasing its audience and views.

The Strategy

  • Identified new Spanish and English markets to drive profitable content to
  • Generated clicks below BabyFirst TV’s target CPC
  • Gained positive ROI on each visitor that viewed BabyFirst TV’s content
  • Tested hundreds of different audiences and identified which audiences were ROI positive
  • A/B tested video, images and content to optimize campaigns to reduce CPC

The Results

We expanded the number of new profitable audiences by 10X while scaling the volume of profitable views by 5X. We also optimized existing audiences, lowered CPC on average by 50%, and increased views across BabyFirst TV’s YouTube channel.
10x New profitable audiences increase 5x Profitable views increase 50% CPC decrease

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