Love Goodly

MuteSix worked with the beauty and lifestyle subscription box company to help them decrease their CPA and increase sales.

The Goal

Love Goodly’s primary goals were to decrease their CPA and increase sales of new customers month-over-month. 

The Strategy

  • Optimized website UX/UI to increase conversion rates
  • Used Dynamic Product Ads to re-market their products to customers
  • Optimized CPA goals through testing ads for different customer demographics
  • Scaled media buying on Facebook around getting new users into the funnel, which included building new audiences, optimizing call-to-actions, and A/B testing new banners and videos we created
  • Tested out direct linking to blog posts with a strategy centered around re-marketing ad messaging
47% Cost-per-acquisition decrease 34% Conversion rate increase 2.5x Daily site visitors increase

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