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Badass Beard Care

MuteSix worked with the beard care brand to increase traffic, subscribers and engagement with Facebook, Google, and SMS marketing, along with the SMS platform, Attentive.

The Goal

MuteSix was tasked with improving Badass Beard Care’s customer engagement and increasing their website traffic and subscriber base by leveraging Facebook, Google, and SMS marketing with Attentive, a personalized text messaging platform built for innovative brands. 


The Strategy

The MuteSix Paid Social and Search teams worked together to develop a consistent, well-targeted and brand-rich campaign cadence. To increase acquisition traffic and drive new sales and overall growth, the Google team used segmented search and shopping campaigns. They also worked to increase top of funnel acquisition traffic so they could identify high converting products and keywords with a focus on AOV. 

The Facebook team focused on driving a blended 2x ROAS between acquisition and remarketing. Since Badass Beard Care products have a lower price point, and CPM’s were expensive, the team’s goal was to increase AOV, so they could spend more and scale the account successfully. They decided to push bundles, which were a higher price point, and the campaign’s success allowed them to spend more, and simultaneously increase Badass Beard Care’s revenue. Because consumers were buying high price point bundles at the same rate as single, less expensive items, ROAS increased while traffic costs stayed the same.

To drive new SMS subscribers, MuteSix used Attentive’s high performance Email and SMS capture units to grow and convert new traffic into long term purchasers. The MuteSix team focused on bottom-of-funnel marketing by building robust SMS journeys within the Attentive platform—both to increase customer retention and LTV, and to increase conversions of prospective customers. 

To start, the team dialed-in Badass Beard Care’s welcome journey with simple brand education, incentives and personalization. They also worked to convert new subscribers who didn’t purchase by sending unique and time-sensitive offers. To round out the SMS automations, they implemented a thorough post-purchase journey that included high-performing copy and creative to successfully keep Badass Beard Care customers coming back for more. 

25K+ Active subscribers captured 50K+ Contacts added to email list 21% Average CVR 125% Increase in total monthly revenue attributed to SMS 52.93% Traffic increase 32.45% AOV increase 100% ROAS MoM increase

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