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MuteSix worked with the the at-home hair removal device company to increase brand awareness and acquire new customers.

ROAS Increase on Paid Social
Spend Increase on Paid Social
ROAS Maintained with Scale on Paid Search

The Overview

Kenzzi is an at-home, intense pulsed light (IPL) hair removal device created to make body hair removal simple and effective. Kenzzi tasked MuteSix with increasing brand awareness and acquiring new customers who were not previously aware of IPL devices.

The Strategy

When Kenzzi came to MuteSix, they lacked an established brand voice and aesthetic. Our Enterprise Production team worked to build a brand voice and recognition for Kenzzi by developing a full-funnel, cross-channel creative strategy focused on demonstrating how Kenzzi is superior to other hair removal methods. By incorporating a brand-spokesperson driven narrative, humor and use cases, we made the topic of hair removal seem less taboo, established a sense of relatability to the problems women experience when it comes to hair removal, and presented Kenzzi as the solution to those problems.

On YouTube, our main focus was to increase awareness while also driving more purchases at a profitable ROAS. To attract and convert users unaware of IPL devices, we targeted people looking for waxing and lasering services. Because waxing, lasering and shaving can be viewed as time consuming, and at times, painful, we pushed the idea that painless laser hair removal could be achieved quickly and easily in the comfort of your home with Kenzzi. We also tailored creative to users based on hair removal methods they were familiar with. For example, we created custom affinity audiences for “wax centers” and served users with waxing-related videos. Through aggressive audience testing using Custom Intent, Custom Affinity, Topics, and more, we grew the brand substantially in just 6-8 months.

On Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, our focus was on customer acquisition and Kenzzi’s goal was to achieve a 2x ROAS as quickly and efficiently as possible. Because Kenzzi came to MuteSix at the tail end of Q4, one of the most expensive times of the year to market, we worked to find the most targetable and profitable audiences by restructuring existing campaigns with proper exclusions, while also testing new lookalike campaigns and interest campaigns to find where there was the most opportunity to scale. To scale quickly in top-of-funnel campaigns, we created UGC compilation videos for our direct-response content. To remove any barriers to purchase in bottom-of-funnel campaigns, we segmented audiences and aligned messaging based on where customers were in the funnel by highlighting certain value-props, like Kenzzi’s 90-day money back guarantee, free shipping and safety of use. Because we typically see lower CPMs on Snapchat in remarketing, we used Snapchat to retarget customers and achieved a high ROAS bottom-of-funnel.

Paid Social

Increase in ROAS
Increase in Spend

Paid Search

Increase in Spend
ROAS Maintained with Scale

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