MuteSix worked with the lifestyle brand to help grow its revenue and increase conversions.

The Goal

MuteSix was tasked with helping BauBax grow its revenue and increase conversions.

The Strategy

We fully optimized the marketing funnel from Facebook to website checkout. We targeted qualified and interested customers through the use of lookalike audiences and key demographics and implemented video ads that were socially attractive, shareable, and informative. Overall, we scaled media buying on Facebook around getting new users into the funnel, which included building new audiences, optimizing call-to-actions, and A/B testing new banners and videos we created

The Results

We scaled BauBax’s entire company revenue by 5X while maintaining similar CPA and ROAS. We reached more customers efficiently through virality of video content and increased conversions by optimizing and improving the website.

476% Conversions increase 1.96x ROAS 1,000% Revenue increase

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