MuteSix worked with the portable blender company to increase awareness, sales, and revenue with programmatic advertising and connected TV.


BlendJet®, the portable blender company that allows you to “blend everywhere,” delivers game-changing technology that lets you make fresh smoothies, shakes, or mixed drinks on the go. 

The Goal

BlendJet® tasked MuteSix with driving awareness for their all-new product, the BlendJet® 2, with its powerful advantages over the original model, so as to deliver incremental sales and revenue to prospective consumers on

The Strategy

MuteSix set out to expand its reach to new users to introduce them to the BlendJet® 2, while driving sales and maintaining a strong return on ad spend. In order to lure prospective shoppers, the agency created captivating video content that celebrated the new product’s USPs, which include 5x increased power and 33% higher holding capacity.

The MuteSix Programmatic Team decided to invest its full budget into Connected TV in order to promote brand awareness. With the hope of reducing wastage and keeping costs low so as to maintain a healthy ROAS, MuteSix focused on a whitelist of premium CTV apps and channels. Additionally, we narrowed targeting only to site visitors and look-alike audiences to ensure we were focusing CTV impressions on the most prospective customers.

The results of our Programmatic Advertising and Connected TV strategy show an impressive increase in ROAS, an exponential growth in sales from first-time customers, and a completion rate of over 90%.

2.48x ROAS (Q1 2021) 85% of Orders Driven from First-Time Customers 2.4M+ Impressions Delivered to 667.2K Unique Households 92.5% Completion Rate

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