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MuteSix worked with the oral care brand to help increase growth and revenue.

The Goal

BURST was looking to diversify their marketing channels to increase growth and revenue.

The Strategy

Through audience testing, we found that the younger demographic (25-35) was the primary converting audience. To increase our reach, we tested creative that resonated with younger people on Facebook and Instagram and expanded into Snapchat. We go where the people are.

To increase market share with the older demographic, we relied on the Facebook Newsfeed placement and tailored our messaging to resonate with them. To increase reach with this audience, we expanded into podcasting as well.

We achieved new customer acquisition through Google Search and Shopping to target in-market cold audiences of varying demographics and interests, YouTube for brand awareness, various social networks, such as Facebook and Snapchat. We achieved retention through email, social, and Google Display.

200% YoY growth and revenue increase

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