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MuteSix worked with the luxury activewear brand to help them break into the market, boost brand awareness, and increase ROAS.

The Goal

Looking to break into the market with its best-selling proprietary “Takara” leggings, Carbon38 wanted to reach their Millennial target audience and engage them where they already live online—YouTube—efficiently and affordably. The goal was to boost brand awareness and return on ad spend (RoAS) to allow Carbon38 to compete with the major market players.

The Strategy

Carbon38 used custom intent audiences on YouTube to improve targeting for video ads. By combining in-video ads displaying colors and prices for products customers previously expressed interest in via Google Search with that product’s page just one click away, Carbon38 simplified the purchase process for mobile and desktop users. It boosted brand awareness for Takara leggings among Millennial shoppers, an uplift measured with video views.

15x ROAS with YouTube remarketing 17% Uplift in branded search volume <$20 CPA from YouTube leads

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