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Chicago Tribune

MuteSix worked with the news outlet to reduce their CPL and increase their ROI and traffic.

The Goal

The primary goals of the campaign were to boost organic reach on Facebook, increase subscriptions, generate more qualified leads and increase e-commerce sales revenue.

The Strategy

• Optimize CPA goals through testing ads for different eCommerce products
• Scale current media buying on Facebook around getting new leads into the funnel, which included building new audiences, optimizing call-to-actions, and A/B testing new banners and videos
• Build new landing pages for paid subscriptions
• Test out direct linking to articles with a strategy centered around re-marketing paid subscriptions
• A/B test different newsletter sign-up forms to get subscribers. Within these newsletters, test different audiences that convert at a target cost-per-lead

The Results

We dramatically increased the audience pool by capturing new audiences for the newspaper. By relying on higher quality images and ad-copy and avoiding clickbait-y tactics, we drove higher quality users and significantly reduced CPC to below goal.

80% CPL decrease 20x ROI increase 50% Traffic increase

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