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MuteSix worked with the video subscription service to increase their purchases, impression share on competitors' search terms, and ROAS.

The Goal

The goal was to attract as many new subscribers to the digital service as possible while maintaining a mutually agreed upon ROAS threshold. NHL also wanted to achieve a greater impression share on key related web searches on competitors’ keywords and to win a greater market share in critical high-value international and foreign language markets.

The Strategy

MuteSix used automated bid strategies, promotional ad copy, countdown customizers, and promotion extensions to highlight subscription price drops. NHL.TV’s AdWords search ads targeted branded keywords, generic hockey searches, competitors’ names, and foreign language queries.

The Results

NHL’s penetration improved in 12 foreign markets, boosting revenue generated from AdWords by 21%.

25% Purchases increase 80% Rise in impression share on competitors' search terms 347% YTD ROAS increase

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