Corporate Finance Institute

MuteSix worked with the the financial analyst certification organization to generate sales and acquire new customers on Facebook.


Corporate Finance Institute is a financial analyst certification organization that offers premium online training and education for finance and investment professionals. Courses are designed to teach real-life applicable skills, rather than conventional theory-based education. 

The Goal

CFI came to MuteSix looking to run their first ever promotions through paid channels. They tasked MuteSix with generating sales and acquiring new customers.


The Strategy

We started our campaign by implementing a strict targeting strategy to ensure only new customers were targeted with paid promotions. With acquisition in mind, we worked to generate compelling creative that educates new customers about CFI’s product and service. 

We ran segmented evergreen campaigns and optimized them for performance and scaling of the winning campaigns. We tested various formats and hooks and leveraged top performing evergreen creatives for our Cyber Weekend campaigns that ran alongside our evergreen campaigns during the Black Friday Cyber Monday period.

33% Purchases increase QoQ 33% Revenue increase QoQ 16.17 ROAS for first-time BFCM paid ads

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