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DUDE Products

MuteSix worked with the the men's personal care brand to increase revenue and acquire new customers.


DUDE Products is a personal care brand creating futuristic hygiene products for men. Their mission is to help men keep their DUDE parts fresh wherever they go with wipes, powders, deodorants, body sprays, soaps, and more.

The Goal

DUDE Products came to MuteSix with the challenge of increasing revenue, with a primary focus on acquiring new customers for the DTC portion of their business.

The Strategy

On Google, we focused on brand awareness and net new customer acquisition via Paid Search, Shopping and YouTube in order to increase conversions on DUDE Products’ site.


On Facebook, we split campaigns by product category in order to have granular control over spend and targeting for each product type. We focused on generating clean data, so we could apply our learnings to which audiences to target and what creative angles to push for each product. Overall, our learnings allowed us to successfully scale revenue and new customer acquisition.


On the programmatic front, we began by targeting relevant TV apps and programming during key days and times in order to increase awareness and household penetration for DUDE Products, especially around the launch of DUDE Wiper 1000. With customers spending more time at home in front of streaming TV services, we worked with premium streaming TV partners to buy impressions during UFC & WWE events, on premium streaming services like Hulu, Roku, and AT&T Now, and against other male-skewing content to capture attention and share of voice.


In order to grow DUDE Products’ email list and create a consistent email revenue flow, we worked to create an email program that engages with subscribers on a regular cadence through consistent campaigns and timely automation emails. To grow the list, we implemented pop ups to acquire emails and phone numbers at the top of the funnel through percent off incentives. To generate consistent revenue, we created automated email flows based on subscriber behavior.


850% Spend increase 176% Orders increase 257% Clicks increase


11,925% Revenue increase YoY 837% Purchases increase 65.71% ROAS increase 22.28% CPA decrease

Programmatic CTV

1M Impressions served 440K Unique households reached 93.09% Completion rate


86% Revenue increase YoY 159% List size increase 20%+ Consistent open rates

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