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MuteSix worked with the athletic shoe brand to reduce their CPA and increase their ROI and traffic.

The Goal

When onboarding K-Swiss, they had a goal focused on appealing to a younger generation of “trend setters and go-getters”. The client was looking to outperform their past high of 4x ROAS.

The Strategy

We broke out the campaign structure per shoe collection which allowed us to scale up based on shoe performance. We diversified our reach by leveraging the client’s image and video assets in conjunction with product images. We drafted copy & messaging that was urban and fitting for a younger “cool” crowd. Due to a large number of products, we utilized a consolidated general retargeting audience that delivers multiple products to anyone that has engaged with our brand recently.

The Results

In three months, we sold over 10,000 pairs of shoes on facebook alone. With $75,000 in spend, we had a return of $725,000. Before working with MuteSix, the client had an inconsistent high of 4 ROAS; during our time in the account, we’ve more then doubled existing performance highs with a 9.63 ROAS overall.

80% CPA decrease 800x ROI increase 300% Traffic increase

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