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Mott50 increased revenue by 844% and ROAS by 32% with Facebook, email, and Google advertising.

Increase in Revenue YoY from Facebook
Average Open Rate on Emails
Increase in Revenue in Q2 2021 from Google

The Overview

Mott50 was founded on the belief that people can have both sun protection and fashion in one. The leaders in stylish, sun-protective apparel manufacture fun-and-flirty styles meant to be mixed and matched, with each garment boasting UPF50+ protection.

The Goal

Mott50 came to Mutesix with omnichannel goals to increase revenue and ROAS with Facebook, email, and Google. For Facebook, they set out to increase revenue, while maintaining a predetermined ROAS. Despite prior success, for email, the brand wanted to better leverage automation. Finally, on Google, Mott50 wanted to increase revenue and ROAS at point-of-purchase.

The Strategy

On Facebook, MuteSix was exceeding ROAS goals of over 3.5x, as well as website CVR of 2%. From the start of our partnership, we educated Mott50 on efficiency (i.e., increase in spend; decrease in ROAS). Understanding this benchmark has allowed us to allocate more budget and scale spend, while maintaining our ROAS goals. For Facebook, we adopted the following tactics in order to achieve such goals. We:

  • Introduced top-of-funnel videos to drive more conversions and scale
  • Created a “Video Testing Only” campaign to gain more insight into the highest-performing content
  • A/B tested brand value prop hooks vs. attention-grabbing copy hooks, creative hooks, as well as the inclusion of text vs. no text on video
  • Tested different top-of-funnel URLs to determine if Collection Pages or the homepage converted at a higher rate


We specifically found that value prop messaging outperformed attention-grabbing copy hooks, and swapping out the visual creative hooks made the most significant impact. Additionally, we discovered that the inclusion of text was preferential to eliminating text in videos. Finally, we concluded that sending traffic to the top-of-funnel Collection Page (leading directly to the products shown in the ad), as opposed to the homepage (where the shopper has to search for products across the website), was the most profitable.

For email, Mott50 had a strong presence prior to working with MuteSix, sending approximately 12 emails per month to a highly engaged email list. However, no testing or segmentation strategies were in place, which we wanted to introduce for collecting revenue in the background, while revving up our campaign strategy. In addition to our Welcome Series, automation emails included Post-Purchase and Browse Abandoned, both of which showed tremendous success in terms of generating revenue.

Finally, the goal for Google was to find the most efficient way to acquire new customers with the right keywords, audience targeting, and other factors. By determining which Non-Brand Search campaigns work and testing both Youtube and Discovery ACQ campaigns with specific Custom Intent audiences, MuteSix has been able to scale the account and drive more qualified traffic to the site. After finally getting the Smart Shopping campaign connected to the DFW platform, we’ve been able to better optimize the feed, including titles, descriptions, and images. Such tactics have been able to generate high returns, while scaling the account.

The Success

With the above omnichannel strategies and goals, we have been able to achieve impressive results for Mott50 across Facebook, email, and Google.


Increase in Revenue YoY
Increase in Spend YoY


Attribution Toward Revenue
Average Open Rate


Increase in Spend in Q2
Increase in Revenue in Q2 2021
Increase in ACQ Search Campaign Conversions
Increase in ROAS from ACQ Search Campaign Conversions

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