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MuteSix worked with the clean beauty brand to help decrease CPA and increase ROAS, purchases, and spend.

The Goal

MuteSix was tasked with improving Odacité’s Facebook advertising performance.

The Strategy

MuteSix focused primarily on creating and leveraging new creative while identifying and targeting specific age groups within acquisition audiences that we knew would convert. Since RMK and RTN are very strong within this account, we are consistently working to identify additional acquisition audiences that will convert. Ultimately, we find the most success in ACQ lookalikes rather than ACQ based on interests.

Working alongside Google, we built out a product-specific landing page focused on a specific skincare concern. The landing page addressed a problem: acne/pimple problems, with the solution: the blemish serum, facial cleanser, and facial mist from Odacite.

21.9% CPA decrease 12.3% ROAS increase 306.8% Purchases increase 217.7% Spend increase

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