MuteSix worked with the free online television service to increase viewership.

The Goal

PLUTO TV needed to significantly increase viewership to both their mobile app and desktop application. They were looking to drive viewers as cheap as possible, while acquiring users who showed a higher retention rate.

The Strategy

We focused our app install campaigns on a select group of channels, only targeting audiences that we knew were within the correct demographics and only within the United States and England. We tested audiences on 12 app install platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, to identify the best audiences to drive installs.

The Results

The team managed 500,000+ app and desktop installs, consistently hitting goals. We drove hundreds of thousands of app installs well below PLUTO TV’s target CPA and identified the demographics and interests of the lowest-cost users.

500K+ App installs 50% Cost-per-install decrease 3,000% Installs-per-month increase

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