MuteSix worked with the protective foot spray company to use email for mid-funnel marketing.

The Goal

PreHeels wanted to use email for mid-funnel marketing.

The Strategy

The team created a product launch email strategy to close customers coming in via various channels who didn’t purchase. We built out an email Welcome Series for new leads and first-time customers and created a triggered Abandoned Cart series to get customers to complete their purchase. We also launched a Retention Series to convert one-time buyers into repeat customers and tested a range of copy, creative and coupons to drive sales and increase LTV.

The Results

We averaged 63% List growth MoM from December 2016 to April 2017. We completely built out PreHeels’ email marketing strategy including a Welcome Series to new customers and leads, Abandoned cart series and Retention series to one-time purchasers. We lowered their Unsubscribe rate to 7% on Campaign Email Sends and generated exponential email list growth through high converting lead magnets and exit pop-ups through out the website.

24.5% MoM Revenue Growth 63% MoM List Growth 30% Email pop-up conversion rate

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